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When it comes to brilliantly colored slabs of high-terpene shatter with crystal clarity, few concentrators bring the fire like NorCal's Terp Boys.

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CBD Terpenes are the natural compounds found in hemp plants that are responsible for the plant’s color, smell, and flavor. By infusing our supportive CBD oils with terpenes, we take advantage of the ‘entourage effect.

This is an affiliate product and will direct you to an external website to purchase. If you like taking your CBD in a sweet treat and use cannabinoids to help you relax, then and relaxing, these terpene-infused CBD gummy toads are… Terp Nation's CBD Flower comes in a 3.5g option just in case you weren't ready to commit. Visit us in store to see the most popular CBD Flower in the market. CBD Wholesalers- Best resale prices Click Here and Request our Catalogue! Bulging with CBD crystals that are swimming in cannabis terpenes, this preparation delivers an ultra smooth and super flavorful dab.

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